Express Wash

  • Exterior Soap Hand Wash
  • Water Rinse
  • Hand Dry Using Microfiber Towels and Air Blower Dry
  • Streak-Free Wipe
  • Light Spray Wax
  • Vacuum
  • Panel Wipe
  • Wipe Door and Trunk Jambs
Time: 1 - 1.5 Hours
  • Pet Hair Removal – $75
  • Exhaust Tip Polishing – $25
  • Undercarriage Pressure Wash – $25
  • Headlight Restoration – $50
  • Odor Removal – $25

Lux Express Wash: Speed, Efficiency, Excellence

When time is of the essence, but quality can’t be compromised, Lux Motorsport Express Wash is the solution. This fast, efficient, and thorough service revitalizes your vehicle’s exterior and interior, leaving it looking its best in record time. Here’s what makes Lux Express Wash exceptional: Time Efficiency: Our Express Wash takes only 1 to 1.5 hours, a testament to our commitment to delivering quality results in a timely manner. Exquisite Exterior Care: Our Express Wash starts with a hand soap wash, followed by a water rinse and hand dry using microfiber towels and an air blower for a spotless finish. We take the time to meticulously clean your vehicle, ensuring every surface gleams. Wax for Protection: After drying, we apply a light spray wax to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from the elements and give it an extra shine. Detailed Interior Attention: We don’t stop at the exterior. We vacuum your vehicle’s interior and wipe down the panels for a refreshed interior look. Finishing Touches: Our attention to detail sets us apart. We make sure to wipe down the door and trunk jambs, ensuring every part of your vehicle shines. Eco-Conscious: Our Express Wash uses environmentally friendly products, demonstrating our commitment to providing superior service while being mindful of the environment. Skilled Professionals: Our team of skilled professionals brings expertise and passion to each Express Wash, guaranteeing your vehicle is in good hands. Choose Lux Motorsport Express Wash for a fast, comprehensive, and exceptional cleaning service.
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